Community Facilities Steering Group - Update

Posted: Tuesday 4th February 2020

The PFA's Community Facilities Steering Group would like to provide an update about what’s been happening over the last couple of months. 


Whilst on the surface we appear to have been fairly quiet, behind the scenes the team has been busy gathering information and making small steps of progress towards understanding the various options.   We’ve taken on board all of the comments raised previously relating to sport and community provision and we are now investigating funding options, looking at the most suitable location for a new site and adding more detail to the Business Plan.   


What we know

  • The Memorial Hall is now being run by Simon Lowe from the Panto Bus, who is managing bookings for room hire as normal.
  • As minuted at the PC meeting late last year, the Parish Council has confirmed that the PFA can sell the existing site, only if the a facility is an improvement to the current one.  
  • From all of the feedback, a favourable solution would be to keep some green open space on the existing site.
  • Funding options are limited for the feasibility stage, but we haven’t exhausted all options yet and have further meetings to understand potential funding streams.


Location updates

We are hoping to provide a full update on the most suitable locations by early March, with a high level overview of the options which are on the table.   At the moment, this process is taking longer than anticipated due to the detail involved and the pros and cons of each site.  


How we will communicate updates

This will be shared via both the PFA and Steering Group Facebook pages and a copy will be sent to the Parish Council to print and share at the PC Offices.   We are also developing a website to share project information and an overview of all of the progress that is being made.


Any questions or ideas?

The team is open to suggestions about how we can make the project a great success to provide the village with a new and sustainable facility for the next 50 years and beyond.  So if you have any questions or ideas, please email us at 


What next?

We plan to hold an open afternoon, hopefully in March/April 2020, however this depends on how quickly we can ascertain final information from the potential site options.   This will be an opportunity to discuss the available options and also provide further feedback and ideas which have been worked on. 


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