In the summer of 2022, Martin Howes approached the Football Club to let the Committee know that he had been collating information about the Club, from years gone by. We met with him later that year and we were amazed at all photos, news reports, team sheets (and much more) which he had pulled together and also scanned in, so it was available electronically.  Some of the information Martin has recorded, goes back further than 100 years. 

It is absolutely brilliant to have this sort of historical information about the Club and the Committee is thrilled Martin has shared it with us, which has then enabled the Club to share it with the Middleton Cheney community.  We hope that the community enjoys reading it as much as everyone at the Club has.

Our sincere thanks go to Martin and Denise Howes for all their work and the Club hopes that the original documents can be stored safely in the new facility in the coming years.

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